The Apprentices

The Apprentices
The Apprentices. Lewis Manning, Greg Beaver, Paul Edwards, Alex Cannon, Me and Amy Kirby.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Hi There!

My name is Connor Day. I am 18 years old and I am from Norris Green, Liverpool. I am currently one of six apprentices at Rathbones, working in the RPAS Department. I will inform you as to what that involves at a later stage.

I studied at The De LA Salle Academy, home of many sporting great including the prolific Manchester United and England forward, Wayne Rooney. While at De La Salle, I showed a keen interest in Business Studies and Media Studies. During my two years of sixth form, I studied Business Studies, Film Studies and English Literature.
Although I really enjoyed my time in sixth form, I nearly cut it short when I was considering leaving early to apply for apprenticeships. This was down to the fact that I had friends that had apprenticeships and what he had to say about them sounded very appealing to me. After some serious consideration, I decided to see out my sixth form courses and came away with grades B, B and E, respectively. I was happy with my decision to complete my courses, as it was a great stepping stone to move forwards. Although people said to me sixth form is only useful if you’re going to university, I found that sixth form was a tremendous help to get to the position I am in today. Without sixth form I wouldn’t have heard about the opportunity I am in, as well as the minimum requirements needed to apply.
Throughout school, I was always in Gifted and Talented groups and always encouraged to go to university by both school and my parents. I believe this was because they all had faith in my ability and, in my mother’s words, “I would walk it”. From the beginning of school, I had always had my hearts set on university. This was until I reached an age were I started to think for myself, I assessed different pathways in life and began to take it upon myself to decide what I was going to do. Countless trips and open days were organised, but I didn’t feel university was for me. I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do and I believe it is safe to say that most students are in the same boat. The sound of picking a subject, paying around £9,000 a year and coming away with still no idea of what I wanted to do just wasn’t really an option. Making a decision at the age of 18 years of age is something that no one should have to do, but everyone has to do.

This was when I heard about apprenticeships. Earning and learning. For the position I was in, this suited me down to a tea. Apprenticeships are essentially an opportunity to gain work related qualifications, while also gaining the experience employers are looking for. With the lack of jobs in previous years, employers are receiving ridiculous amounts of applicants for one job and this allows them to pick a candidate that is perfect for the vacancy. I believe work related qualifications and experience are vital if you want to stand a good chance of getting your desired job. I also believe university is more suited for specialised jobs, such as vets and doctors. All of this is the reason I decided to go down the apprenticeship route, rather than the university.
Keep an eye out for my next entry to the blog, which will describe how I heard about my apprenticeship and what was required of me to get it. Take care guys!

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