The Apprentices

The Apprentices
The Apprentices. Lewis Manning, Greg Beaver, Paul Edwards, Alex Cannon, Me and Amy Kirby.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My Apologies...

I have noticed it has been a while since I have posted a blog. The reason for this is because the work load that my colleagues and I have got to face has seriously increased! That may sound like I’m complaining, which is definitely not the case. As the work load has risen, I have noticed that the team work amongst my co-workers has greatly improved and we are working as a closer unit than previously. The high work load is something that I have definitely enjoyed up to now as the days literally fly by. Due to the increase in work that we have to get through, our targets have also increased. My colleagues and I continue to meet them and exceed our expectations, which is never a bad thing!

Since my last blog entry, I think it is safe to say that I have completely settled into life at Rathbones. I have passed my three month probation period with flying colours, I have attended various social events such as Christmas parties, quiz nights and even had a sit down meal with the CEO of Rathbones, Andy Pomfret. There are also upcoming events that the other apprentices and I will be involved with, such as a trip to London which I am looking forward to! My NVQ portfolio is well underway and I believe I am on track for completing it before the deadline. After that I will be able to concentrate all my efforts into completing the IOC (Investment Operations Certificate).

Now that I have settled in and I am used to the high volumes of work, I will be able to post more blogs to give you a better insight into apprenticeships so stay tuned!

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