The Apprentices

The Apprentices
The Apprentices. Lewis Manning, Greg Beaver, Paul Edwards, Alex Cannon, Me and Amy Kirby.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Stage One Complete...

The first stage of my apprenticeship came to an end on 4th April. I have left my previous role in Rathbones Pensions Advisory Service and started in the Client Static Data department within Rathbones Investment Management.
I'm happy with the order in which the apprenticeship has fallen for me. This is due to RPAS and RIM being two separate companies. I have been fortunate to work with RPAS for my first placement and now I can focus on working with RIM for the remainder of my apprenticeship.

I learned so much when I was working within RPAS. I learned about the value of pensions and I would strongly advise you to contribute as much as you can into your pension as soon as you can. As it was my first department in my first job, I feel I have benefitted from working at RPAS as it opened my eyes to how important a pension is. Essentially, it is all about working hard while you can, saving up as much as you can and sailing off into the sunset when retirement arrives – quite literally! I think before, like many other people have done so before me, I thought retirement will never come. Well now I know it does come eventually, as preparation has its rewards.
The department allowed me to meet many great people and gain a great understanding about how pensions work. They are surprisingly interesting once you get started.

I have now been working in CSD for two weeks and I have settled in brilliantly! The fact that it’s only around the corner from my old desk was comforting and I see my old colleagues almost every day. I have been allowed to settle in quickly due to my new colleagues being so welcoming and also, with me only being in my previous position for six months I wasn’t too set in my ways. I no longer feel like the new guy and it’s only been two weeks. I have started my training and have had no problems. The tasks I've been given I have picked up quite quick.
I have started at a very busy period, due to Rathbones’ two very recent acquisitions and although I may not be directly involved with this work, it has given me an idea of the impact such large projects can have on an operations department.

I am looking forward to seeing what the remainder of my six months has to offer and what I can learn from them!

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