The Apprentices

The Apprentices
The Apprentices. Lewis Manning, Greg Beaver, Paul Edwards, Alex Cannon, Me and Amy Kirby.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Approaching The One Year Mark...

I am now nearing the one year mark in my apprenticeship. With only one month left until I have reached the half way point, I now have one or two tasks to do before my NVQ is completed. I have found it very interesting and I have gained a lot of vital knowledge from it. My knowledge of the workplace has improved greatly, such as why certain tasks are performed and how the workplace functions. The NVQ has opened my eyes to what is expected from employees and how the best can be brought out of an organisation. I believe the NVQ has helped me settle into the work place a lot easier by giving me a great understanding of it and I will be able to use the valuable skills learned down my career oath with me. It now won't be long before I begin my studies for the IOC exams. I am really looking forward to learning more about the financial industry. I believe working at Rathbones for a year has put me on a great starting block. This is due to my everyday tasks and the questions I have asked to my colleagues always allowing me to find out more. I have also been receiving emails from the CISI each day with a question that I could expect in my exams. When you complete the question it then explains the answer in full. I understand that there is still a huge amount that I don't know about the financial markets but I can't wait to find out more. I am also in the middle of organising a visit to the London office for myself and the other apprentices. This visit will give us an insight into the role the London office plays in the operation of Rathbones. It will also allow us to meet our colleagues and see what the London office has that the Liverpool office hasn't. It would be ideal if I can bring some ideas back from London that I can suggest we introduce into our office. There are some departments in Rathbones that are only based in London so it I'll give us a chance to get to know more about them. I am also hoping to get an insight of what it is like to work in London, as this is something I would be open to in the future if the right opportunity arose. I love Liverpool, the city I currently live in, but moving away in order to seize a great opportunity is something I would definitely consider. By visiting the London office, I hope to experience firsthand what it would be like working there.

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